Zoomies and Your Puppy

Zoomies and Your Puppy

What Are The Zoomies?

We’ve all seen puppy zoomies. Your pup is sitting or lying down minding its own business and suddenly—out of nowhere, he (or she) is possessed by the spirit of Hermes, the Greek god of speed. He instantly makes a break for the farthest corner of the room and then cuts a turn harder than the best racecar driver. Your living room is suddenly a race track for your puppy as he continues to give 110% of his speed to some unknown cause. And then, just as quickly as it began, it ends. His mind drifts off somewhere else and it’s as if it all never happened.

The scientific name for this phenomenon is Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPS), but I’m sure we can all agree that zoomies are a much more fun and concise name.

Why Do Puppy Zoomies Happen?

The answer is far more simple and innocuous than you might think. The reason zoomies happen is that dogs…have a lot of energy! It is this reason that zoomies tend to occur more with puppies rather than fully matured dogs. More so than that, some breeds are more energetic than others.

All dogs can and do get zoomies, but generally speaking, the more energetic your breed or particular dog is will influence just how often it may happen. For example, Huskies—traditionally a sled dog, are known for being high energy breeds that require a great deal of physical exertion for their health. Underexercised Huskies may get zoomies frequently if they haven’t been let out enough. Don’t let the size fool you though, many smaller dog breeds such as the Pembroke Welsh Corgi or Maltese are highly energetic dogs that crave plenty of high-speed action.

This gets at the heart of what zoomies really are. It’s been theorized that zoomies are just a simple way for dogs to let out pent up energy they have. This means that if your puppy is having frequent outbursts of zoomies, you may not be letting them out enough and giving them the exercise they need.

When Do The Zoomies Happen?

It’s been noticed by many dog owners that puppy zoomies tend to happen after giving your puppy a bath. Much to the benefit of many adorable youtube videos, many dogs are not too keen on getting baths. It’s entirely possible that dogs get zoomies right after a bath because they feel restrained and anxious when being given a bath, and so they need to let out that energy that was pent up.

Dogs also get zoomies many times when you play with them. Picture this: you’ve been out all day at work and come home to your puppy and figure it’s time to let them out and play with them. The excitement of seeing you after being alone all day and then getting to play is primetime for zoomies. It’s in these moments that our beloved pet’s enthusiasm always wins us over as they dart around the room with the very picture of happiness writ on their faces.

Protect Your Puppy From Themselves

While zoomies themselves are harmless, depending on what type of flooring and objects you have in your home or apartment, zoomies can be a potential safety issue. I’ve seen many dogs skid around on tiles when they get the zoomies and it’s always possible they can crash into furniture or knock things over. Be sure to keep your home puppy proofed as best as you can. Most outbursts can be avoided by taking the time to play with them or give them a run for their money yourself if you’re a fitness enthusiast. For most people, however, finding or creating an enclosed space where they can let out their energy safely is ideal.

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