Fun Ways to Exercise Your Puppy

Fun Ways to Exercise Your Puppy

Everyone needs exercise! From humans to puppies to full-sized dogs, everybody benefits from breaking a sweat regularly. According to multiple sources, nearly 50% of all the dogs in the United States are overweight! This means that you need to keep your dog physically and mentally fit. Limiting portion sizes and regular exercise will be good for both you AND your puppy. Since many of the activities we will mention in this article also involve heavy interaction on your part, both you and your puppy will burn some extra calories.

Play Frisbee

An alternative to the regular fetch style of play, Frisbee is one of the easiest and most fun methods of playing with your dog. You can toss a Frisbee farther and for longer, increasing the amount of time that your puppy runs between throws. We recommend a soft disc or a rubber Frisbee as it is less likely to cause injury to your puppy or others around you. Rubber and soft Frisbees are also easier to pick up, lighter, and softer.

Tug of War

Playing a game of tug of war with your puppy is a great way to exercise impulse control (if their teeth touches your hand, stop the game immediately), mental strength, and physical strength. If you don’t own some coarse rope, try using some old fleece or a t-shirt to play a fun game of tug of war.

Walk, Hike, or Jog with Your Dogpuppies for sale new jersey

Don’t forget to walk your dog daily! If you can, depending on their breed and activity level, it might be good to walk your dog at least twice a week. For many dogs, a hike or a walk is the highlight of their day because it is one of the few times they are allowed to go outside. If you find the usual walk a little mundane, try exploring a new location or park near you! Your dog will appreciate it and you’ll thank yourself for exploring new outdoor terrain.

Hide and Seek

Playing hide and seek with some of your puppies’ favorite treats and toys can add a whole new level of enjoyment while you are playing inside the house. Try hiding treats around the couch, the chairs, and other various common areas to get the most out of your puppy and to build a unique and fun pastime.


If you have the luxury of living near the ocean or beach, try taking a walk on the beach with your dog. Swimming and wading in the water can be a great source of enjoyment and exercise for the both of you! Having your puppy swim is a great non-weight-bearing exercise that can help increase your dog’s range of motion and flexibility. It can also help them maintain a healthy weight. Look for public beaches or dog parks in your area.


Just like children, many dogs love to chase, bite, and observe bubbles. Take a trip down memory lane and buy a non-toxic bubble formula so both you and your dog can feel like children again.

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