Walk Your Puppy Every Day

Walk Your Puppy Every Day

How often do you take your puppy for a walk? We’re hoping that the answer that immediately came to mind was “every day”. Puppies benefit from daily exercise much like humans do, as it provides a host of benefits to their mental and physical state of being. Walking your puppy at least once or twice a day should be part of your daily routine for the reasons listed below.

Physical Exercise is Important for Puppies

Regular walks every day will help keep you and your puppy physically fit and active. Walks help keep your puppies’ joints and body in working order, help keep their weight at a healthy level, and get their blood flowing. Regular physical exercise can also help prevent your puppy from developing many weight-related health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, liver disease, and heart disease. Walking multiple times a day works out your puppy’s joints, muscles, and cardiovascular system, and helps keep the weight off. Exercise has also been shown to ward off depression in both humans and puppies.

Walking Helps Socialize Puppies

Bringing your puppy around the block or to the dog park will help socialize them towards other humans and dogs, especially at a young age. It’s important to reinforce healthy socialization and regular walks can be a great tool in helping you achieve this goal. If you ever get bored of your same old route, try switching it up! A different neighborhood, trail, or dog park can be a great idea if you are getting bored with the same routine. It’ll also get your dog excited!

Bond with Your Puppy


Spending time with your puppy will only reinforce the bond you have with your animal. Walking is an incredibly simple activity that you can perform every day that will bring your animal a large amount of joy. Walking your puppy every day will also reinforce the fact that you are someone they can rely on; daily walks will help build trust and establish a routine, which can add to the mental well-being of your puppy. A daily schedule will help build structure around your puppy’s life, which can also help with their self-confidence.

Interactive play and daily walks will give your dog a predictable timeline every day, which can boost the confidence of shy puppies.

Boost Your Puppy’s Brain Power

For your puppy’s creative side, allow them to sniff and explore their environment. Remember, even though you may have been out of the house all day, daily walks are some of the only times that your puppy can truly explore the outdoors. Give them some time to sniff around and truly explore what life has to offer! This will provide a lot of mental and physical stimulation.

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