Boost Your Puppy’s Confidence

Boost Your Puppy’s Confidence

Socializing your puppy is incredibly important! It’s your job to teach them that big, scary humans are no something to be afraid of; rather, humans should be a source of joy, comfort, and safety for your puppy. If you own a naturally shy dog, proper socialization should be part of your daily routine. Don’t let your shy puppy have a negative association with strangers! Follow these simple tips to make sure that your puppy grows up into a friendly and sociable creature.

Learn the Causes of Their Shyness

If your puppy starts to run under the couch at the first sight of the vacuum machine, consider having someone in the house take them for a walk while you do your weekly chores. Pay attention to what strikes fear into the heart of your puppy, then minimize or eliminate those actions. Unfamiliar dogs, strange or loud noises, noisy electronics or equipment and other factors can play a large part in developing anti-social behavior. Make sure to always make your puppy feel as protected and comfortable as possible.

Train Your Puppuppy for sale in new jersey

Training and playing are both great tools to use to build a strong bond with your new puppy. Obedience training is a great way to help build healthy and appropriate behaviors. It will also help cut down on the headaches caused by ripped furniture or poops in inappropriate places! Training can help build trust between you and your puppy, which will help keep them calm during stressful situations.

Increase Their Trust

If you notice that your puppy is scared during loud noises, events, or parties, try moving them to a quiet area of the house. This will help increase the puppy’s trust in you and your actions. Always have your puppy’s best interests in mind; this will increase the likelihood of having a friendly and sociable pup.

Puppy Play Dates

Try setting up a few play dates with unfamiliar dogs to help expose them to other puppies during their early age. This will help socialize them to other dogs and people, teaching them that the unknown is nothing to be afraid of.

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