Yorkie Puppy Guide

Yorkie Puppy Guide

Bringing home a new pet can be an exciting and thrilling time in your life (and the life of the puppy!). Knowing how to properly care for your new Yorkie can be challenging, especially if you’ve never had a pet before. A Yorkie is easier to handle and to take care of than a bigger dog, like a Husky. Due to their small size and playful nature, they are a great first choice for a new dog or puppy.

If you are thinking about bringing a Yorkie home and live in Bergen County, NJ, you have stopped at the right website! We only deal with breeders that take the utmost care to produce healthy and well-socialized breeds; we only accept the best. Usually, when you bring home a puppy, they will always be at least 8 weeks old. 8 weeks is the minimum age to bring a Yorkie home. In the United States, it is illegal to sell a puppy that is less than 8 weeks old; that is why you need to go through a reliable breeder and puppy boutique.

Guidance and Veterinarian Yorkie Puppy Care

If you purchase a breed from us, we can guide you through the various shot schedules for your puppy. Rest assured, your puppy will have had all necessary shots for their age when they are purchased. It is very important to wait until your puppy is at least 4 months old and has had their DHLPP + Rabies + Corona shots to take them for walks outside. Exposing them to other dogs during this time can increase their chance for infection and other diseases. Contact us or a vet for a guide on vet shots for your new Yorkie puppy.

Puppy Socialization

For a puppy Yorkshire Terrier, the first four months of their life will be very impressionable. The house should be a normal volume, with gentle petting/touching and socialization every day. If you have a very noisy home, let everyone know that the home should be quieter than usual for the first few months so the puppy can feel comfortable. Petting the whole body will get your puppy used to and prepared for their first time to the vet and groomer.

Yorkshire Puppy Sleep

Your puppy will sleep a lot. Prepare to see your puppy asleep for 15-18 hours a day. We recommend buying pee pads to place on top of their new doggie beds, as it is difficult to avoid accidents this early in their life.

Puppy Proof Your Home!

Make sure that electrical cords and small objects are out of the way and nowhere close to a Yorkie’s face. This includes toxic and non-toxic objects that can cause choking hazards. A few things that quickly come to mind are cigarettes, chocolate, lego blocks, electrical cords, ant/roach/mice bait and any other small items that are generally sitting on your floor. If your new Yorkie has a habit of jumping off of couches, consider buying doggie steps for your couch if they are super curious (and they will be)!

Puppy Exercise

After the 4-5 month period of in-house socialization, normalization, and veterinary care are behind you, your Yorkie can start going outside! We recommend at least one 15-20 minute walk per day to help your puppy become accustomed to the outside world. Be very careful with your new Yorkie! Being dropped, falling from a height, or being stepped on is a leading cause of trauma in young puppies and is something you want to avoid. Make sure to put up puppy gates in the event that you want to keep your puppy out of a cabinet or doorway.

Yorkies for Sale in NJ

If you are in the market for Yorkie puppies in NJ, NY or CT, contact Silver Nickel Puppies today! We have the best cared-for puppy breeds in Bergen County and will work with you to make sure you have a great time developing and caring for your puppy during those very impressionable first months. If you have been looking for puppies in Englewood, NJ or Ridgefield, NJ, stop on by Silver Nickel Puppies and see what puppies we currently have in store!

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