Top Reasons Your Family Needs a Dog

Top Reasons Your Family Needs a Dog

If you have kids, there is a good chance they have already begun to beg you for a dog. To some parents, they may worry about the added responsibility a furry friend could add. However, there are a lot of benefits that a dog can provide to your family.

Some of the reasons for a dog benefiting a family are simple, and some are more emotional and profound. Some of the simpler ones include their ability to be human vacuum cleaners by eating the food you and your family drops on the ground and the fact that they are always happy to see you when you come home. However, there are some greater ways that a dog may impact you and your family’s life, including by forcing you all to exercise (i.e. when you take your dog for a walk or a run, you too are receiving the immense benefits of the canine-related exercise) and having someone to always talk to- seriously, dogs are the best therapists and can be especially soothing for younger children.

Another dog great thing about having a dog is that it will help teach your kids responsibility. If your kids leave their favorite shoes in the hallway and the dog chews them up, they will probably be a little less likely to leave their shoes in the hallway next time! Likewise, having a dog teaches you what it is like to have someone dependent on your for their needs. Dogs need to be given food, water, walked, taken to the bathroom, groomed and more. Divvying up these responsibilities and giving your kid an area to maintain will help them learn the all important lesson of responsibility. However, responsibility is not the only lesson your children will learn from having a doggie. Having a puppy also teaches owners about compassion and anger control. Kids may be upset about something a dog does, like pooping in the house or chewing an important item, but their love for their doggie will help to show them how to handle disappointment and emotional regulation.

Furthermore, when kids learn to take care of someone other than themselves, it helps them mature and grow up. However, it’s not as much responsibility, as say, a baby, so it’s still pretty fun, especially when your dog is a puppy!

A dog also helps to bond a family together. There are a number of activities that a new dog brings with them. Whether your family hangs out while playing catch with your new pup, or y’all all just snuggle up on the floor together, your doggie will certainly bring you all closer. If you and your family are interested in buying a new puppy in the Bergen County, New Jersey, area, look no further than Silver Nickel Puppies. Silver Nickel Puppies has a large selection of dogs, including: Shih Tzus for sale, Yorkies for sale, Schnauzers for sale, Cavapoos for sale, Maltese for sale, Huskies for sale and Goldendoodles for sale.


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