Small Puppy Guide and Tips

Small Puppy Guide and Tips

Purchasing a new puppy is like inviting a blank slate into your home. Many dog experts say that the first few months of living with a new home or family can be the most important time in a puppy’s life. It can be a trying time and it make require a lot of work; however, if done correctly, you’ll have a well-behaved pup that can make your day, every day. There are a few common issues that can be easily avoided if you know what to do.

New Puppy Tips

  1. If you decide to purchase a new puppy from a shop or storefront, don’t be afraid to ask the shop owners where the puppies come from. If the shop you visit is a reputable puppy dealer, they’ll have no problem talking about where the puppies come from and how they are raised during the critical first few weeks.
  2. Set a routine and a schedule for your new puppy. Having a set bed-time and strict rules can help you turn that blank slate into an obedient and loyal friend.
  3. Don’t forget: puppies just want to have fun! Taking time out of your day to go on small trips or adventures with your puppy can help enrich their life (and yours as well!). For the first few months though, you should keep your puppy indoors until they’ve been properly trained and had the necessary shots and vaccinations. Check out this article for fun things to do with your puppy.
  4. Happy puppyConsider the needs of yourself as well. If you are allergic to certain puppies, consider a hypoallergenic breed. Small dogs are great for people that work long hours, due to their need for less exercise when compared to larger dog breeds. Check out our article “How to Pick the Perfect Puppy for You”.
  5. “Nipping” is cute when your puppy is young and doesn’t have full-grown teeth. There cute little nips will eventually become bites if you are not careful. So, make sure to nip it in the bud, so to speak! There are a few ways to do this, such as redirecting, distraction, and deterrence. Stop ankle biting before it becomes an ingrained If your puppy starts to do this, consider redirecting their attention with their favorite toy or a treat. The goal of this is to teach the puppy that biting human skin is not acceptable.
  6. Puppy-proof your home! Wooden baby barriers, locked doors, pee pads (during the very early stages), and furniture protection may potentially be in your future. There also may be some damaged furniture in your future as well. Start proper puppy training as soon as possible to avoid collateral damage.

Small Dog Breeds for Sale in New Jersey

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