Why Hypoallergenic Dogs Make the Best Pets

Why Hypoallergenic Dogs Make the Best Pets

If you are following celebrities and their dogs, you have probably heard of hypoallergenic dogs. But what exactly does it mean for a dog to be “hypoallergenic?” Well, basically it’s a dog that has been bred to be around those with allergies.

So what makes these dogs more suitable to be around? Well, some dog breeds have less dander than others. Think of dander as basically animal pollen. By breeding the less dander-ific dogs together, their progeny have characteristics that make them suitable to be around those with allergies. But the benefits don’t end there.

Hypoallergenic dogs have hair instead of fur. What does this mean? Well, dogs with hair have hair that grows much like a human’s does- continuously longer. This is in contrast to the average type of dog fur- which constantly sheds as shorter hair grows in.

Another great advantage of a hypoallergenic dog is that they won’t shower you with all of their dust and dander. This is great, because many people with pet allergies are not allergic to the animals themselves but rather with the dust or dander that the pet generates. Because hypoallergenic dogs do not shed as much they spread less dander around your home and subsequently irritate the allergies less of those inhabiting the home. You can even go a step further though, to reduce dander, and have your pet groomed regularly.

This brings us to another central benefit of hypoallergenic dogs. With them, there is so much less hair to clean up! Because hypoallergenic dogs shed less, less dog hair will end up on your couch, floor and other places you have to clean. One comment on the nature of their hair is that they will require more regular grooming than your average dog. Because a hypoallergenic dog’s hair is similar to human hair, it will require cuts and trims more often. This is an important consideration you may wish to deliberate before getting a hypoallergenic dog, but keep in mind, its one consideration in a sea of benefits.

Another advantage to hypoallergenic dogs is the variety of breeds that can come with those properties. In fact, there are over 20 different types of hypoallergenic dog breeds. Some of the best hypoallergenic dog breeds include: poodles, portuguese water dogs (like Bo Obama, for example), maltese, bichon frise. Schnauzer, chinese crested, irish water spaniel, and more. Whatever personality and appearance wants you have, you can find them in a hypoallergenic dog.

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