How to Show Your Puppy You Love Them

How to Show Your Puppy You Love Them

If you love your dog, you will obviously want to spend time with them. But sometimes the age old throwing of the ball just doesn’t cut it anymore. So what are some things you can do with your dog that will not only be fun, but will help Fido show you love him? Well, there are some out of the box ideas. But basically, as long as you are doing something with your dog, he/she will be grateful. Here’s how to show your puppy you love them:

Things to do with your Puppy

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. For this reason, we have compiled a list of fun activities to do with your dog. They include: do a walking tour of your town, throwing your dog a party, go shopping together in a store you both will love (try Silver Nickel Puppies for ultimate appeal), plan a camping trip for you both, go to the beach if you are nearby to swim and have fun together, take a road trip with your doggie to see a nearby city, enjoy riding around in the car (this is especially fun for your dog if the windows are down), go trick or treating with your dog, take a nap or simply relax together, play hide and seek or tag

girl with dog puppyor fetch or some other game both you and your puppy will love, swim and explore at your nearest lake, take your doggie to the spa (if you are in the New Jersey area, Troy’s Trims and Treats is an excellent option for any dog grooming needs), visit a dog park where your puppy can play and make friends, arrange a playdate for your dog and one of their friends- perhaps one of the doggies they met at the park, go on a bike ride together (of course, only one of you will actually be riding the bike!), give your dog a mani-pedi, book a session for doga- for you guys not into new-age canine stuff, it is simply yoga for dogs!

Activities to do with your Dog

You can also visit a pumpkin patch with your puppy, play in sprinklers or some other kind of water source (trust us, dogs love that stuff!), dance with your dog/hold your dog as you dance, go for a run or jog with your doggie, play in the snow with your dog- if the weather permits, splash in puddles together with your doggie, play in leaves with your doggie and much more! Of course, there are some more refined options like taking your dog to an obedience class or taking your dog to a volunteer function (lots of senior citizens and kids alike will enjoy seeing a dog at a volunteer event, a puppy always lightens the mood). Whatever you decide upon, it will be great, because the simple act of spending time with your dog is the real goal here.

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