How to Bond With Your New Puppy

How to Bond With Your New Puppy

If you have a new puppy, or a puppy you are simply looking to reconnect with, you are probably
wondering what are some good ways you can bond with your dog. Well, it may please you to
know that human-canine relationships are very similar to human-human relationships, in that
they require sustenance and maintenance to grow and flourish. Furthermore, there are a few
specific things that will help you bond with your new puppy.
One such item is to simply spend time with your puppy. Any relationship, no matter the species,
simply entails spending time together and having experiences together, so of course it makes
sense that the more time you spend with your doggy, the stronger your bond will be. Another tip
for bonding with your dog is to make sure you communicate effectively with them.
Misunderstandings can be a curse for any relationship, even more with a dog, as it sometimes
harder to smooth things over with them. For this reason, you will want to be the clearest
communicator you can be with your pup. Be consistent in terms of training. Furthermore, you
may want to indicate things visually as dogs learn visually faster than they do with auditory
cues. Dogs pay attention to what we do, so make sure you model good behavior for them. Do
not just tell them what to do, show them how as well. This will create the ultimate bond for you
and your dog.

Another way you can bond with your dog is by putting a little pizzazz in their food. You know
how they say that the way to a man’s heart is through food? Well, it's the same with dogs. If you
spice up your doggie’s food, it will certainly make them happy. It is also an act of love to make
sure the food your dog eats is nutritious.

Another thing that can help you bond with your dog is training, which may be a little surprising.
But doggies actually really enjoy training! Well-trained dogs can have more autonomy and
training also reduces frustration that you may express due to an untrained doggie. So basically,
its a win win for you both! Another tip for dog bonding is to be playful. This may sound simple,
but actually, scientists have observed that parents of children that play with their kids and
owners of dogs that play with their pups have much closer relationships with their kids and
puppies than those who do not. This Is because playing helps to strengthen bonds and take the
edge off!

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