Fun Things to Do With Your Puppy

Fun Things to Do With Your Puppy

If you are a new puppy owner or are simply looking to add to the companionship and friendship you have with your dog now, you may be looking for some fun options of things that you can do with your puppy. You may have exhausted the typical options of throwing a ball or a Frisbee, taking your dog to the groomer’s or buying him new toys. In that case, don’t despair. Silver Nickel Puppies is always looking for ways to engage our customers and their sweet doggies.

There are so many fun things you can do with your dog that you have probably never given consideration to. You could go to agility trials with your dog where he or she will learn to guide their way through obstacle courses and in the meantime gain the added benefits of confidence, focus and the release of energy and stress. Similar to agility training, although maybe a little less fun, obedience training is very important. Most dogs will need to be trained in obedience at some time. Some dog owners may think the tactics in obedience training are perhaps too direct, but obedience training classes will actually further the bond between you and your furry forever friend. There will be improved communication and a deeper bond that results from the time you and your dog spent together learning, playing and having fun. That’s the important thing to remember- all Fido really wants is for you to pay attention to him and spend time with him. That’s what makes so many of the options on this list accessible!

There are some other fun things to do with your dog. One is teaching him tricks using a clicker or the method of luring (this maybe sounds fancy but really just entails using treats to motivate your dog). This is fun because you get to be creative and teach your dog the tricks you want them to do. This will create great benefits including you and your dog getting closer as a result of the shared time, but also, your wonder puppy will impress all your friends and family! Another thing to do with your doggy is to go to a dog park. Dog parks are great social opportunities for your puppy. They are like the high schools of the canine world. Sure enough, your dog will meet another dog there, which not only gives your dog an opportunity for friendship but also might help you network and put yourself out there more as well. This is one of the reasons having a dog improves your mental health, but there are many other reasons too! Trust us, it’s good for the soul.

You could also consider animal assisted therapy or animal assisted activities. These are ways you and your dog can help people in a hospital, nursing home or rehabilitation facility. This is a great feel-good option that will help others as well as help the well-being of you and your pup. If you are interested for any more information on doggies, look no further than Silver Nickel Puppies. We really are the gold standard when it comes to all things canine.

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