2018 Is Your Year For a New Puppy

2018 Is Your Year For a New Puppy

2018 is a year full of new starts and promises. What epitomizes that better than a puppy? Full of life and wonderment, a new puppy is sure to set your year off right. A puppy can help you with a lot of your goals. Puppies will teach you a lot of responsibility. When you have to take care of another living being by caring for it and making sure it has food and water, you can care for and love yourself more. A puppy is a great companion, meaning it will make you feel love and give you a sense of loyalty. Basically, dogs are fuzzy therapist. Pet therapy has been linked to a reduction in anxiety, pain and depression. Furthermore, dogs have been proven to be good for your heart. This isn’t a joke- the researchers at the American Heart Association found that dogs can actually reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease because of their amazing capacities for stress reduction. So you’re saying that cuddling with your pooch has heart healthy benefits? Sign us up.

But the heart benefits are far from the only ones. Dogs are great for those undergoing chemotherapy’s veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and also those in physical therapy who are undergoing therapy for their fine motor skills. Basically, dogs help all those having a tough time. Which we can all relate to and I think we can agree it makes us hug our dogs a bit tighter! People are beginning to recognize all the soothing, amazing characteristics of dogs. Colleges are now having puppy rooms, in which students who are stressed about exams can go and pet a dog. Dogs have also been known to have amazing smell that can even sniff out cancer. No, really- research has found that dogs can be trained to distinguish the breath of those with breath and lung cancer to those who do not have cancer. Pretty amazing!

So once you have decided you want to get a dog, for any of the amazing benefits listed above, what do you do? Well, there are a lot of pet stores and places where puppies are for sale. But, this is a process you certainly don’t want to skimp on. When it comes to puppy stores and pet stores, not all are alike. You want a level of trust and compassion when choosing a place to buy your next puppy. You want individuals who are well versed in the industry and can also offer a wide selection of puppies. The more choice you have, the more likely you are to pick the right dog in terms of temperament, look and character.

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