Puppies: The Perfect Holiday Present

Puppies: The Perfect Holiday Present

If you aren’t already in the holiday spirit, you will be soon! The weather is getting nippier and major seasonal holidays like Hanukkah and Christmas have arrived. Malls and shopping centers are flooded with consumers trying to get the best possible presents for their friends and family. This endeavor is one of the trickiest conundrums of the entire holiday season. It’s hard to know what to get for your friends and family, especially if when you ask, they respond with a resounding “nothing.” But here at Silver Nickel Puppies, we have the perfect answer to all your holiday shopping inquiries. As far as the go-to present, we think its puppies.

People sometimes get in Scroogey spirits because they feel like the holidays are all about rampant commercialism and people receiving more than they need. But we can all always use more companionship and love in our life. That’s what puppies offer. They aren’t a thing, a typical present. They are a living, breathing example of goodness, purity, devotion and loyalty. They also give the owner a sense of purpose by being something, someone the owner must take care of by feeding, taking them out, giving them love, playing with them. If you know someone that you think could benefit from sensations of purpose, love, companionship and connection, a puppy is a great gift for them

Some object to the idea that a puppy is the best holiday present because they argue it’s an endeavor that can’t be taken lightly, raising a puppy. Here at Silver Nickel Puppies, we certainly agree with that. Having a puppy can’t be taken lightly. But it is an endeavor a lot of people are ready for, maybe more people than you realize. In fact, corroborating this sentiment, the ASPCA conducted a study published in October that found that 96 percent of people who got pets as a gift responded well. It increased their love or attachment to that pet, to receive it as a gift. This is probably because in addition to feeling the newfound love of their special pooch, the recipient also felt love from the person giving them such a thoughtful gift. Another hugely positive statistic about dog-gifting is that, according to the ASPCA study, 86 percent of the pets are still in the home of the recipients. This is around the same percentage of pets retained after people choose to adopt them themselves. So the argument that people feel ambushed or overwhelmed by being gifted with dogs is really a moot point.

People really tend to love receiving dogs on Christmas. And it isn’t just the recipients that feel great about the gift. When you gift a dog during the holiday season, you are also gifting the dog with something huge- a forever home. This sentiment truly embodies the holiday spirit, and as a gift-giver, is something you can feel good about year-round. So this holiday season, pick out the perfect pooch at Silver Nickel Puppies and give the gift of a lifetime.

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