Current Puppies for Sale

Current Puppies for Sale

As of January 15th, we have 6 beautiful puppies for sale. All of our current breeds can be found on our pets page on our website. Puppies are a great addition to any family; while they are a big responsibility, puppies offer a level of happiness and fulfillment that you can’t find anywhere else. Below, we’ll be looking at a brief overview of the current breeds we have at our premium puppy boutique.

Boston Terrier for Sale

Boston Terrier high-fiving a human

This breeds looks somewhat pugnacious and is known for their friendly personalities. Bred in the United States, Boston Terriers look like they are formally dressed, wearing a tuxedo at all times of the day. This pup can be equally happy as either a couch potato or a fellow canine athlete. A well-trained Boston Terrier gets along with strangers and toddlers just fine; basically, everyone is a potential new friend.

Mini Poodle for Sale

Ranging on the smaller side of puppies, the mini poodle clocks in at about 15-17 pounds when they are fully grown. Bred from standard poodles, they are a little bit smaller and make great household companions. They need to be clipped and trimmed regularly due to their curly coats. Considered a hypoallergenic breed, shedding hair tends to stick to their coat instead of falling off in the surrounding area.

Shi Tzu for Sale

Shi Tzu for sale

“Shi Tzu” means little lion, and they are known to be affectionate, outgoing, and happy companions. This housedog loves nothing more than to follow people around the home, adding an air of playfulness and cuteness to the situation. Few dogs can live up to the beauty of a well-groomed Shi Tzu, and you’ll be floored by their big eyes and mischievous personalities. If one dog was fit to roam a royal palace, Shi Tzus would fit the bill.

Miniature Schnauzer for Sale

With a personality twice as big as the breed, the Miniature Schnauzer has an enthusiasm and extroverted temperament that is second to none among small dog breeds. These guys have a lot of energy and need more exercise than other small dog breeds. Imagine a smaller terrier and guard-dog with a voracious bark, and you’ll start to understand the energy of the Miniature Schnauzer. They are intelligent animals and learn very quickly, but also have a stubborn and unique personality. They are people-oriented and love to hang out with the people they love.

Peek-A-Poo for Sale

Peekapoos are fantastic companion dogs who love to sit by your side or in your lap. They can be quite protective and affectionate, so watch out! With a small size but a mighty bark, many people find these dogs quite hilarious and they make a great addition to any family home. These dogs fare well in a sizeable apartment with a yard and get along with everyone in the family. These are active dogs and must exercise daily.

Puppies for Sale in Bergen County

If you are looking for a new puppy in New Jersey or New York, come visit our puppy boutique to pick up a happy and healthy puppy today! We only deal with responsible and ethical breeders and we take care of the puppies like they are one of our own. For a full list of all of our currently available puppies, visit our pets page! Contact us at (201) 871-2040 for more info about your future best friend.

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