Top 3 Most Obedient Dog Breeds

Top 3 Most Obedient Dog Breeds

Sit. Rollover. Paw. Jump. All of these are commands people love to teach their pets not only because they’re fun and are a great way to show people your relationship with your dog, but they’re also tricks that require some level of obedience training or training in general. However, not all dog breeds like to listen to instructions are as open to receiving commands. Some breeds—whether naturally or through domestication over the years are more open to receiving commands and being obedient than other breeds are. This is a slightly silly analogy, but dogs descended from wolves. How likely is a wolf to listen to your pleas for them to sit than say…a husky? All dogs can be trained if you have the know-how. However, some people want a dog who can really listen to command well without them being the dog whisperer. This article is for them, here are the top 3 most obedient dog breeds.

The Top Obedient Dog Breeds

Many people like to wonder what are the smartest dog breeds but like with people, intelligence is not always the best predictor of what you might call “trainability”. All dogs have differing personalities and tendencies that vary not just breed to breed but from dog to dog. You might have a very trainable breed that is obedient in theory, but that particular dog is very headstrong and stubborn—or have received poor training when they were young and thus have ingrained habits that make them difficult.

That being said, let’s get into the obedient dog breeds who are on average much more trainable due to their historical and genetic legacy.

3 – German Shepherd

german shepherd portrait

Is this choice any surprise? Surely the choice obedient dog breed of the police force is the strong, noble, and highly trainable German Shepherd. They have a fantastic work capacity and are as strong as they look. They belong to the herding group of dogs which means the K-9 has an innate ability to control the movements of other animals (and people). The protective isntincts of this dog along with its trainability make it a wonderful member to your family as a guard dog and companion. Because of their patience, obedience, and strength they make wonderful companions to children as well provided they are socialized and trained properly.

2 – The Golden Retriever

golden retriever tongue out

Although the poodle beats out the golden retriever in terms of sheer intelligence, we felt this one had to make the top 3 because if you’ve lived Stateside all of your life, you’d know that the Golden Retriever is the quintessential American family dog. Friendly, devoted, and reasonably intelligent, these dogs are very laid back and open to training and for that reason make excellent family companions.

1 – Border Collie

border collie running through water

The Border Collie is like the Einstein of dog breeds. They are incredibly smart dogs and display this through their attentiveness and observational capacity. This breed’s energy and disposition can make it a handful for owners who do not take the time to properly play and stimulate the Border Collie to tire some of that energy out.

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