Karen M.

My daughter left for college this past August and I decided that I wanted to get a dog. I started to look around and ended up going to a pet store in Garden State mall but as I walked in I knew it wasn’t the right place for me to get my first dog. The dogs there didn’t look happy and the sales people had little interest in telling me about the dogs.  I went home and went on my computer to look for other places.  That’s when I came across silver nickel puppies. Since I live in Edgewater I decided to go past the Ridgefield location. When I walked in I was a little confused it was a beautiful place but I didn’t see any puppies. The girl at the desk pointed me to the right where I looked through a large glass wall and couldn’t believe my eyes. It looked like a baby nursery!! There were about 10 puppies one more beautiful than the next but instead of cages they were in something that looked like baby cribs!They were all happy, spotlessly clean, and each had their own fluffy bed and toys. Simone asked me what type of dog I was looking for but I really had no idea. So she asked about my lifestyle and if I preferred a male or female. I told her I wanted a male and right away she said I have the perfect dog for you. The next thing I knew I was in love she brought out the most beautiful brindle Shih Tzu and I knew he was my dog!

Long story short Samson is the most amazing dog I could’ve ever asked for.
I can’t tell you what an amazing experience this was from the minute I walked in I knew I was at a place where the people really love and care for the puppies they sell.
Just when I thought my experience couldn’t have been better Simone told me that they also offer a free vet visit with the purchase of a puppy. She checked in with me The next day to check on Samson and told me to call her with any other questions I might have. I have definitely taken her up on that offer !!!
Silver nickel puppies will give you an experience that no other pet store could offer.
I’m over the moon!