Ed and Berina

I have always been leery of pups being offered for sale in shops, but once arriving at Silver Nickel i was impressed. Simone greeted us after me calling a few times and was happy to let us play with who we chose. I took a look at how the pups were being looked after and was again impressed, the staff were taking very good care of the pup room.  I can honestly say it was not for show, the pups looked like they knew the caretakers and were very happy to be around them. The ONLY reason I am giving a 4 star is I think the owner should not have larger breed dogs as they are harder to find home for. After a million and one questions about our Cockapoo we decided to wait for a day or two to make our final decision. Nick and Simone informed us a deposit would be needed in order to secure Arthur for purchase.  We decided fate will decide and after an overnight discussion, my wife and i decided to purchase Arthur.

We had no pressure for the deposit and Nick and Simone were very polite. We were told about the process of purchase, about the shots, how the Chip worked and found that Nick had his own dogs at home.  One of the main items discussed was suggestions for a Vet, we were given 3 vets as suggestions.  one week after Arthur came home, off he went to the vet. He had a clean bill of health.

Please note that I am writing this after a month of having Arthur in our home. I did not want to jump the gun in making a fantastic review or a crappy one until a bit of time went by and we went through the usual new owner things.  (Vet, Health, temperament, asking a few questions to Nick and Simone, making a surprise visit to the shop)   We took Arthur on a surprise visit and he was soon happy to see everyone their. He was not whimpering, feeling like he was going back to prison, or in anyway afraid of being there.  This to me is a sign that he was well taken care of and loved during his brief stay waiting to find a home.

I would like to make a comment or two.   First off, remember, you are not buying a car or a new piece of clothing, “try before you buy” is not something I think should apply to living things. If you think you do not have the patience or backbone to take care of a living creature, maybe you should just get a stuffed animal. Would you wait until your infant gets sick to take them to the doctor, or will you take them for their first checkups as soon as they are ready.  If they are sick, will you wait until they get worse or take them to the ER.  (Yes, good Vets have ER)

The next is, would you request a refund for you child? No you will take care of them and make sure they are feeling well.  You don’t rent living things. Once again refer to the stuffed animal in the previous paragraph.

And lastly, a puppy mill or not, you purchase/adopt a dog for the feeling you get with them, not because they are in style, your kids want one, the look cool, or its the latest craze.  Dogs are pack animals that depend on human interaction, thats why they are coined “Man’s best friend” (no comments from you hipsters about the word “Man’s”). Get one because you feel for one, not “just because”. After 23 years as an Infantryman in the military and losing more than one canine bomb dog during that time, Arthur has proven to be not only a companion, but also a great therapy dog for me in helping cope with the routine of civilian life. Not because he is a dog, but because of the initial interaction with him. If he was abused or ignored in any way, it would affect the way he is, being a pup and all.

Thanks Nick and Simone for a great addition to our home. Arthur is doing great and am posting pictures of his progress. Sorry for the surprise visit earlier last week and thanks for getting some of his hair cut away for us at no cost. Now let me go and grab my sneaker which seems to have run off on me.