Adria A.

Both locations were close to me but fate brought me to the Ridgefield location. I don’t normally believe in such a thing but as soon as I walked in, I was mesmerized. The first thing I noticed was how clean it was and that there was no pet smell. I came in with my infant daughter and was so comfortable in the waiting room. I wasn’t overwhelmed with barking or pet hair.

My husband and I had suffered the loss of our beloved American Bulldog and were considering a smaller breed. We had selected several Yorkshire Terriers online in New Jersey and Pa and had appointments to meet our top three contenders. I had a “puppy playdate” for over an hour with no pressure. I love that the puppies were kept in playpens / cribs with all their necessities.

I enjoyed watching them each treated to a rotation of playtime. You could tell that the staff loves each one. All my questions were answered, no matter how silly they were. Simone seemed to understand each dog’s personality and really cared about finding a matching family. I asked the price and went home to think about it.

Two hours later, I was back with my deposit and cancelled my other appointments. I had another puppy play date with my little guy for an hour and never felt rushed. Knowing that the pets were loved and handled each day assured me that he would transition into our big family. He is not skittish and is very playful, a true testament to being well taken care of. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!