Should You Crate Train Your Puppy?

Should You Crate Train Your Puppy?

Many new puppy owners are hesitant about crate training. If you’ve just got a brand new puppy, first of all, congratulations! Having a dog is a wonderful addition to your life that is sure to bring you many smiles and all the warm fuzzies you could possibly want. People who love pets tend to be very empathetic towards them, even to the point of personifying them as humans. As cute as this is, it can be a problem when it gets in the way of training them properly. You see, dogs are dogs! Not humans, they experience things differently than us. You’ll see why this matters when it comes to crate training.

Crates Are a Safe Place For Your Dog

How would you feel if you were shoved inside a small cage and made to sit there for a few hours with barely anything to do? That’s how many first-time pet owners see it. It’s really not the case though.

You see dogs have kept many of their instincts from their days of being wild, one of those is that dogs are in the frame of mind of having a den that they go back to for sleeping, relaxing, and recharging. When you crate train your dog, this is exactly what you’re getting them accustomed to. They may resist it at first, but when they are allowed to come and go out of their crate as they please, they will naturally start to see it as a place that offers them security.

Why Crate Train Your Dog?

More space is not always better, dogs need a comfortable and limited space to return to where all the smells are familiar and they feel no need to explore its corners. Not only is the crate more secure for your puppy—because they will feel safer in there, but it’s also better for you.

When you crate train your puppy, you know that every night, instead of getting into trouble somewhere in the house, they’ll be sleeping in their crate! This also applies to moments in the day time when you need to focus on something and don’t want your dog to get into trouble—such as when you’re cooking with the oven and they keep poking their nose around every time you open the oven up. Good luck making Mexican, every time you crinkle the bag of cheese your dog is going to be nipping at your heels!

It is very important that when you crate train your puppy, you never use the crate as a punishment. Doing so defeats the whole purpose of the crate being a safe place.

Crate Training Can Help House Train Your Dog

Because dogs instinctually do not want to urinate or defecate in their den, your crate will teach your puppy to hold it in until they get out. This is great because you get all the benefits of crating your dog and then you can also house train them. When they get let out of the crate, they’ll be raring to go. Make sure to show them an appropriate spot to go and then give them a treat for going there!

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