Are Obedience Classes for Dogs Necessary?

Are Obedience Classes for Dogs Necessary?

You know, in some ways children and dogs are very similar. Just because your dog is behaving in undesirable ways doesn’t mean they are a bad dog! In fact, you should come to expect some bad and stubborn behavior as par the course, just as you would with children. And like with children, your pets are going to limit-test you for your boundaries all the time. That’s why pets can be just as spoiled if not more than children, since, you know, spoiling a pet is a lot easier than spoiling a child. One might want fancy and expensive toys, the other just wants to be swimming in treats! So are obedience classes for dogs necessary?

What is Obedience Training?

Time and time again, no matter how much patience you display, young prince Fido III keeps stealing your underwear, tearing into your slippers, knocking things over, going potty in the house, or is simply not listening to commands. You’ve tried everything to not reward bad behavior, scolding them, withdrawing attention, limiting treats, and rewarding good behavior in turn. Yet they still don’t seem to learn.

For these cases, obedience training specifically refers to sending them to a program to help them reform their bad habits and develop good ones. It’s sort of life Juvie for dogs, except the worst thing they ever did was get into the garbage can a few times.

Have You Failed as a Pet Owner?

It may seem dramatic, but a lot of pet owners feel like if they have to send their dog to obedience classes that they’ve somehow failed a task that most owners don’t need. This isn’t true at all. Dogs are wonderfully unique and even within the same breeds they have varying personalities and traits. A side effect of this is that you might have an exceptionally stubborn dog or one that is not responding to commands well.

This effect can be compounded even more with notoriously difficult to train breeds such as hound dogs. Hounds such as the Afghan Hound, Bassett Hound, and Blood Hound are very stubborn because they are hunting dogs. They have been bred to be disagreeable in some sense. This doesn’t make them bad dogs, quite the contrary, stubborn dogs—when won over, are remarkably sharp and loyal companions.

When Should I Send My Dog to Obedience Classes?

It all depends, if you feel that you’ve tried everything you know how to and it hasn’t work, then the sooner the better. Obedience training will require breaking bad habits and replacing them with good ones. Depending on how deep set the habit is will tell you how long it might take.

Sometimes we hit unexpected rough patches in life and in work, if you’ve purchased a lovable puppy but have found yourself unexpectedly short on time, it can be a huge benefit to learn how to efficiently and effectively train your puppy. One of these ways is to schedule training sessions in when your puppy is still young, so they don’t have a chance to develop bad habits in the first place.

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