Popular Puppies: Welsh Corgi

Popular Puppies: Welsh Corgi

The wonderful world of pets is filled with many different varieties of dogs that all have their strengths and weaknesses depending on which would suit you best. In this ongoing series, we’ll be tackling a breed or group of breeds and giving you the basic rundown so that you can not only learn more about dogs but also decide if this breed is for you! Without ado, let’s get started with the much-beloved Welsh Corgi!

Welsh Corgi Breed Information

The Welsh Corgi is a dog that is always in demand, people frequently look for Welsh Corgis on sale. This breed is actually divided into two main types, the Pembroke and the Cardigan. What was once regarded as one breed is now considered to be two—although they have much more in common than they do differences. One of the most noticeable and chief differences is that the Cardigan has a longer tail that the Pembroke lacks and both breeds have different coat colors.

Both dog breeds are regarded as being part of the herding group of dogs. Herding dogs evolved to do exactly as it sounds—herd cattle, sheep, and other livestock. As a result, they are highly intelligent dogs that take well to commands when trained properly.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Information

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi hails from Pembrokeshire, Wales. Like the herding group suggests, this dog breed descends from herding dogs used by livestock farmers that required a smart animal to keep sheep and cattle in check.

So strong is this herding instinct that it persists today in both the Pembroke and Cardigan varieties. Despite their at-time stubborn nature, the Corgi is not a large dog. The Pembroke, in particular, is often the smaller dog to the Cardigan’s slightly larger stature and weight. Pembroke Welsh Corgis will weigh up to a commonly cited figure of 30lbs, whereas Cardigans will exceed that up to about 38 on average.

Pembrokes, like many herding dogs, will be very vocal at anything which inspires them to bark.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Information

As we said, both breeds have much in common. One of the biggest differences is that the Cardigan has a longer tail whereas the Pembroke has a bobbed tail. Cardigan Welsh Corgis will often weigh more and be of larger stature than the Pembroke variety.

While it is anecdotal, many people report that the Cardigan Welsh Corgi retains more of its herding instinct than the Pembroke, and as such tends to evaluate situations with a bit more constraint first. The Pembroke, in contrast, is considered to be a bit more outgoing and jump right into the fray.

Corgi Puppies in Englewood NJ

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