Benefits of Using an Indoor Puppy Playpen

Benefits of Using an Indoor Puppy Playpen

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Using a crate can be a great way to give your dog a safe space to retreat to. However, many people resort to using the crate too much for keeping their pet out of trouble as they go to work or step out for the day to run errands or socialize. In this article, we’ll look at what a crate is useful for and what a puppy playpen can be used for.

Crates For Your Dog

A crate is a highly useful tool when first training your puppy. While older puppies and dogs can be crate trained, like most things it’s best to start young. Some owners rely too much on using the crate as a training tool which should also be avoided.

A crate or puppy playpen is useful for housetraining your puppy. The reason this works well is because dogs do not prefer to soil their own dens. It’s an instinct they have and so when you crate train your puppy and let them sleep there, they consider their crate their den. Because of this, they refuse to pee or poop there if they can help it.

As we discussed, some owners crate their puppy too long and as a result, many young puppies can’t hold their bladder that long. However, if you manage your puppies crate time well, you’ll find it much easier to get into a natural rhythm between staying in the crate and relieving themselves outside or on pee-pads if that is a better arrangement.

Indoor Puppy Playpens

Crates are great because they are a small space where a puppy can’t get into trouble. While you should never leave your puppy or dog enclosed for long periods of time, indoor puppy playpens are a fantastic way to keep your puppy safe from harm. The reality is that if everyone could afford a dog nanny or have someone at home conveniently while they’re away at work, we could all abide by not keeping our pets alone for long periods of time.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the reality. Many dogs have wonderful homes where they are kept safe, warm, and fed. To do this, people must go to work for 6-8 hours out of the day and leave their pets at home. Many dogs can be trained to be safe and secure at home without being restrained to a crate. This is often easier in apartments, however. Since it is a smaller space in which you can “dog proof” the home. For those who are in larger spaces or have a puppy that is not yet fully trained and knows how to keep out of trouble, a playpen is a great asset.

Your dog will have plenty of space to stretch their legs, play with toys, drink and eat, and you can even set a pee-pad down inside on a corner so that they can relieve themselves. Just knowing your pet isn’t stuck in a crate at home can be an immense relief for pet owners at work.

We love our pets, we don’t want to be out thinking about how they have a period of the day with severely restricted freedoms. Playpens can alleviate that problem.

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