Maltese Male

About Malteses

The Maltese originated in Malta many years ago and have always been a companion dog.

They are famous for their white shiny floor-length coat with a top knot. To keep a Maltese in a floor length coat requires many hours of brushing so many Maltese owners opt for a shorter puppy cut.

Maltese are affectionate, playful, very charming, and make great companions.

Maltese are hypoallergenic, non-shedding toy dogs and most weigh less than seven pounds.

The Maltese have a charming face, with big dark eyes and a black nose. They are playful, enthusiastic, perceptive, gentle-mannered dogs and are great companion dogs.They are known for keeping their puppy-like playfulness throughout their life. Maltese are at their happiest when cuddling in their owners' laps.

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