Most Useful Tricks to Teach Your Puppy

Most Useful Tricks to Teach Your Puppy

At Silver Nickel Puppies, we love dogs so much and it’s our business and pleasure in making sure others do as well! Over the years, we’ve introduced many a furry friend and family to create happy couplings. There are so many wonderful things about owning a dog it would be a book to list them all. However, browse this blog and you’ll see plenty of reasons why not owning a pet is just plain missing out! One of the most fun things, we think, of owning a pet is being able to teach them tricks.

Tricks To Teach Your Puppy

Teaching your dog tricks is one of the most enjoyable aspects of ownership. Not only because it is something that can bring you joy but teaching your puppy tricks can also make them the life of the party. Not everyone is equally comfortable around dogs but having a dog that is well-trained and behaved as well as friendly can really help open people up to the experience.

It’s also just cool.

Teach Your Dog How to Shake Paws

Teaching your dog to give you or guests their paw is something that instantly makes them comfortable with your dog, but it’s also incredibly adorable. It can melt even the coldest of hearts to see that happy smile, wagging tail and tongue while they offer you up a furry handshake.

Training Your Dog to Speak

Training your dog to speak is great obedience training, but also helps reduce a lot of speech-related issues such as excess barking. The theory is that by training your dog to speak on command, the reverse is true. They will also respond more diligently to commands to stop speaking, or barking.

Teaching Your Dog to Move

This section encompasses a few different movements. For example, teaching your dog to move to a particular spot can involve backing up, moving to the side, or going in the direction you point. The last one is a bit difficult to manage but backing up and moving to the side are perhaps the most important.

The usefulness of this is pretty understated. Imagine how many times you’ve wanted to open the front door and you were worried about your overeager pup running right outside or getting too close to whoever was at the front door. Another situation is when for their own safety you need your puppy to move such as when you’re baking, and you want to open the oven. It’s pretty safe to say they will sense not to jump inside, but even scraping the inner edges of an oven (as many people accidentally do when putting trays in or out) can cause burns.

Sit Down

Ahh, the most basic of all tricks to teach your puppy. If you haven’t taught your dog this trick yet, what are you waiting for? Many dogs actually intuitively learn how to do this in response to treats, but if they haven’t, it’s easy and opens the door to them learning more with treats as reinforcement.

Sit down is also a useful command when your overeager puppy is jumping all over you or other people.

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If the reason you haven’t taught your puppy these tricks yet is because you don’t have them, well we’d be more than happy to solve that problem for you!

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