Maltipoo Breed Information

A cross between the Maltese and Poodle, this breed is the combination between two highly beloved breeds and as such enjoys remarkable popularity. The intelligence of the Poodle with the loving and affectionate nature of the Maltese makes this breed a fit in almost any home whether they have children or elderly, a small home or big home.

Maltipoo Weight, Size, & Other Physical Characteristics

The Maltese is well known for its luxuriant and silky hypoallergenic coat. The Poodle is also well known for its aesthetic appeal as a show dog featuring a highly groomable coat as well. When you crossbreed them, you get a result that is too cute for words!

This breed sits at about 5 to 20 lbs. and is considered a small dog. The Maltipoo also features the same hypoallergenic qualities that the Maltese and Poodle exhibit. They do require daily brushing and baths once or twice a month to keep their coats clean and untangled to prevent any kind of matting or discomfort.


Maltipoo Temperament

There are few dogs that have the inherent sociability and loving affection that Maltipoos have. The combination of two exceptionally people oriented breeds, the Maltipoo has enjoyed the attention of many people as well as high profile celebrities who find the dog to be an incredible companion through and through.

They are intelligent, affectionate, and love to have fun. Like the Maltese, the Maltipoo is very devoted to their owner and can spend many hours sitting on their lap or lounging around. As long as you are around, the Maltipoo is content with life. They require early socialization to as many different situations early so that they develop a sense of independence to balance out their strong attachment to their owners.

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