How to Train a Puppy Not To Bite

How to Train a Puppy Not To Bite

At Silver Nickel Puppies, we’ve had the pleasure of sending off many little puppies to new homes where they’re going to live a happy and playful life. We always abide by high standards for caring for our dogs before they’ve been selected by a hopeful family. Likewise, as people who sell puppies, we have equal care in assessing whether a patron is ready to take on the responsibility of having a puppy. If it is your first time owning a puppy, then it is likely that nothing but experience and some good tips will prepare you for training them. One of the first major hurdles that can become a problem if not dealt with is teaching your young puppy not to bite!

Teaching Your Puppy Bite Inhibition

Can we really get angry for pups at using their mouths to explore the world? Babies do this too! Although I can promise I never bit anyone, perhaps someone taught me bite inhibition too. All jokes aside, while it is ideal to train your puppy to not bite at all, a good measure is to teach them bite inhibition. So how do you train a puppy not to bite?

Bite inhibition is something puppies learn naturally while playing with one another. However, as is the case with many inexperienced pet owners—there won’t be another puppy around to play with and learn with alongside in most instances.

What you should do is if your puppy bites you while you’re playing, yelp loudly and let your hand go limp. Refrain from playing with them for 30 seconds or so to let them know that playtime is over if they bite too hard. It sounds silly, but this is typically effective at teaching your puppy how sensitive human skin is and they will begin to understand the difference between a playful nip and a hard bite. Remember, your puppy loves you and just wants to play whenever they nip at you. It is your responsibility as their owner to teach them the difference between a soft and hard bite.

Use Chew Toys to Divert Your Puppies Attention

Anytime your puppy sets his teeth onto your hands or fingers have a chew toy ready to substitute out so that they can understand that toys are for getting their urges to chew or bite out. Nipping at the ankles and feet is even more of a problem for some dogs and is much more unpleasant to owners and visitors. You may have to carry the toy around with you in the house and anytime your puppy nips your ankles, be prepared to pull their favorite toy out to divert them.

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