3 Things First Time Pet Owners Should Consider

3 Things First Time Pet Owners Should Consider

Getting a dog is something that is easy to desire. Who wouldn’t want a furry new friend that will always be excited to see you and can give you company when you’re feeling lonely? Dogs are man’s best friend, so they say. After a long and stressful day at work or school, opening the door and seeing your dog’s happy face can be a positive thing in your life. That being said, there are many things first-time pet owners don’t realize when they’re envisioning their happily ever after with their new potential pet.

1 – Owning a Dog Is A Huge Responsibility

You hear it all the time, maybe your parents cited this as a reason when you were younger and they wouldn’t let you get a dog. When we’re young, we blame Mom and Dad for that heartless decision, but once you get your first pet, you’ll realize they were probably right—especially if you weren’t a very responsible child.

Sure, many first time owners realize they’ll have to feed the little guy (or girl), but you’re also responsible for training them, keeping them out of harm’s way, and playing with them. Just spending time with your dog isn’t enough, you should actively play with them if they’ve been patiently waiting for you all day! We understand, there are times when all you want to do is collapse on the sofa, yet your dog will want more out of you.

2 – Your Schedule Will Change

While you should never let your dog run your house because that’s poor training, your dog will inevitably run your schedule to some degree. Younger first-time pet owners are among the first to neglect this aspect of owning a dog. If you plan on coming home from work or school and then already getting ready to go somewhere, you might consider how your dog would feel being left alone all day. If you do live alone, be prepared to feel guilty if you stay out late! This point can be ignored if you have someone home during most of the day as they will be able to give your pup some company.

If you’re a night owl, be prepared for barking in the morning and some sleepless nights when you first get your puppy. They’ll be much more accustomed than you to getting up at the crack of dawn and will try to make that your schedule too!

Don’t be discouraged! With time your pet and you will find a schedule that works the best and dogs are wonderful at adapting to whatever your schedule may be. You might even have a buddy who’ll watch some late-night TV with you!

3 – They’ll Test Your Heart

This one is more of a whimsical point, but if you’ve never owned a pet before, be prepared to have your heart filled up with a love that might surprise you from time to time. Pets are similar to children in that the beginning can be very scary, there’s this tiny thing that you’ve been entrusted with to take care of and keep safe—that’s a lot of pressure. You may want to give in to them, spoil them, but you know you have to be tough too if you want to raise them right.

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Millions of people around the world own pets, so if this article has left you feeling a bit frightened—don’t be! Ask anyone wise in their years and they will tell you the most fulfilling things in life are a responsibility in themselves. Owning a dog is like that, the same difficulties that make owning a pet sometimes difficult are also the things that make you cherish them more.

It’s proof of love that you do it for them.

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