3 Things Owning a Dog Teaches You

3 Things Owning a Dog Teaches You

Getting a puppy is an exciting time for any family. After all, this is a new addition to the family we’re talking about. Our pets hold a special place in our hearts and on the internet there is no shortage of videos of once grumpy moms and dads who finally caved in and love their pets more than anything. They really do sneak into your hearts, but are some other things that owning a dog teaches you? Let’s take a look!


Responsibility isn’t just reserved for a stern lecture to children about how much work a puppy is. Many adults are also completely blindsided by how much work taking care of a puppy is if they come in unprepared. As adults, we all have our own ways of doing things and some people are inherently less organized than others—it’s okay, this is a judgment-free zone! However, one thing that all dogs DO need is structure. Unlike us humans, they can’t just freestyle the day away and move things around. It is a known fact that human beings developed a large prefrontal cortex so that they could learn to procrastinate on things that needed to be done.

If you own a puppy? Forget about that! It’s your responsibility to get up in the morning to let the poor fellow out because you taught him or her not to go potty inside. You must remember to keep them fed, make sure they always have fresh water, keep them up to date on any shots they need. Most importantly, you have to make sure you’re home more often than not. It is unfair to own a puppy and then leave them home alone all the time.

Feeling hesitant to get a puppy because of this? Well, don’t! It seems like a lot of work upfront, but we can promise that you and your puppy will fall into a groove and eventually everything is automatic. Besides, puppies have a way of making you not mind doing things for them—it’s gotta be those big, joyous eyes that are always happy to see you. Ask any pet owner, the first week or two is always one fraught with fear and indecision. “Was this a mistake? Is this going to always be like this?” A miraculous thing happens though, you start to truly appreciate the fact that something is so wholly dependent on you, that responsibility really opens your heart up in a big way.

TLC – Tough Love and Care

Puppies are adorable, we know this. Much like children, this works against you and your puppy in the worst way. Being a good pet owner means that sometimes you have to put your foot down and do what’s best for your pup. Spoiling your puppy with too many treats and letting them get away with bad behavior just because they’re so darn cute is a road paved with trouble. Not only will this make your puppy more dependent on you for everything which can lead to a heightened chance of separation anxiety, but it also will be much more difficult to correct these behaviors when they are older. Owning a puppy teaches you that you must do what’s best for your puppy, not what they want in the moment.

dog paw socializing

The Importance of Socializing


One of the most important things to do when training your new furry friend is socializing them well. Getting them used to being around other people and other dogs is paramount to your dog having a great time wherever they go, but also it makes it easier for you to bring them anywhere you want to go. One of the greatest things about owning a pet is that it forces many people to get out more—whether that be taking their little buddy for a walk, going for a run or just having a seat outside at a restaurant and seeing how many people want to come to play with your dog. Owning a dog is an incredibly fulfilling experience by itself, but you also realize that our sometimes troublesome pals also pay us back by reminding us how important it is to get out and get fresh air and socialize with our friends and neighbors.

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At Silver Nickel Puppies in Bergen County, NJ, we’re no strangers to the things that being a pet owner teaches you. We have met many people along our journey and helped many people welcome new additions to their families. While everyone’s circumstances are different, the most common thing we have found is that puppies bring a new sense of structure and responsibility in first-time pet owner’s lives. If they already have pets or children, owning a dog ends up being a great way to teach your children these important lessons.

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